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05 Jun 2023
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It’s been an exciting time on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula with the refurbishment of health club facilities and the introduction of state-of-the-art Precor equipment at Pelican Park Reserve Centre and Civic Reserve Recreation Centre.  

Precor is well-known for its high-quality fitness equipment, with members greatly benefit from the new additions. 

New strength machines, free weights and functional training equipment at Pelican Park provides members with a well-rounded fitness experience, including a wide variety of options to target different muscle groups, improve strength, and enhance functional movement. 

“'The new refurbishment has brought new life to Pelican Park,” said Melissa Bartlett, Health Club Coordinator. Following praise for the equipment, member Nathan Green agreed and said, “I am loving the new gym layout and equipment. It gives it a whole new feel.” 
At Civic Reserve, the complete gym refurbishment with cardio and strength machines, free weights and functional training equipment, ensures members have access to a comprehensive range of fitness equipment. This allows them to customise their workouts based on individual preferences and goals. 

Civic Reserve member, John Collard said, “I love it, it looks sleek and new. The new bikes in the gym and the virtual software on the cardio machines is fantastic.” 
With the updated equipment, gym instructors have a wonderful opportunity to create innovative workout programs tailored to the specific features and capabilities of the new equipment. This enables them to design more effective and engaging workouts for members whilst helping all to achieve their fitness goals more efficiently. 
Gym instructors are also enjoying giving guidance and instructions to members on how to properly use the new equipment. This ensures members are maximising their workout potential, whilst maintaining safety and avoiding any potential injuries. By educating members on the proper utilisation of the equipment, gym instructors can help them optimise their fitness routines and make the most out of their workout sessions. 
The refurbishments and introduction of new equipment have significantly improved the fitness facilities at Pelican Park Reserve Centre and Civic Reserve Recreation Centre. This upgrade not only enhances the experience of member’s experiences but also enables the staff to provide better support and guidance to help members achieve their fitness objectives.  

Belgravia Leisure is an acclaimed health and fitness provider, offering gym facilities, group fitness, PT sessions and programs and across Australia and New Zealand to achieve improved health outcomes for communities. 

To find out more about Pelican Park Recreation Centre, visit their website here    

To find out more about Civic Reserve Recreation Centre, visit their website here   

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